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No relation to an earlier "Yorkshire League" that existed at the end of the 19th Century, the Yorkshire League had a 62-year long existence as the major regional league for the three Ridings of Yorkshire, also attracting a few members from neghbouring counties.

The league was wound up in 1982 when it merged with the Midland League to form the Northern Counties East League


Divisional champions

SeasonSingle Division
1920-21 Bradford Park Avenue reserves
1921-22 Houghton Main
1922-23 Bradford Park Avenue reserves
1923-24 Methley Perserverance
1924-25 Brodsworth Main
1925-26 Methley Perserverance
1926-27 Harrogate
1927-28 Goole Towns
1928-29 Bradford Park Avenue reserves
1929-30 Bradford City reserves
1930-31 Leeds United "A"
For two seasons from 1931, the league ran two competitions each season
SeasonFirst CompetitionSecond Competition
1931-32 Huddersfield Town "A" Yorkshire Amateur
1932-33 Selby Town Huddersfield Town "A"
In 1933, the league reverted to a normal format
SeasonSingle Division
1933-34 Huddersfield Town "A"
1934-35 Selby Town
1935-36 Selby Town
1936-37 Goole Town
1937-38 York City reserves
1938-39 Sheffield Wednesday "A"
The league closed down for the duration of World War II
SeasonSingle Division
1945-46 Wombwell Athletic
1946-47 Thorne Colliery
1947-48 Goole Town
1948-49 Sheffield United "A"
In 1949, the league added a second division
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1949-50 Goole Town reserves Retford Town
1950-51 Sheffield Wednesday "A" Stocksbridge Works
1951-52 Stocksbridge Works Farsley Celtic
1952-53 Selby Town Huddersfield Town "A"
1953-54 Selby Town Rawmarsh Welfare
1954-55 Stocksbridge Works Hull City "A"
1955-56 Stocksbridge Works Rawmarsh Welfare
1956-57 Stocksbridge Works Retford Town
1957-58 Stocksbridge Works East End Park WMC
1958-59 Retford Town Yorkshire Amateur
1959-60 Farsley Celtic Grimethorpe Miners Welfare
1960-61 Sheffield Wednesday "A" Hallam
The league expanded further in 1961 by adding a new Division Three
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1961-62 Stocksbridge Works Bridlington Trinity Farsley Celtic reserves
1962-63 Stocksbridge Works Wombwell Sporting Association Farsley Celtic reserves
1963-64 Bridlington Trinity Rawmarsh Welfare Keighley Central
In 1964, Division Three was dropped
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1964-65 Wombwell Sporting Association Stocksbridge Park Steels
1965-66 Wombwell Sporting Association Norton Woodseats
1966-67 Bridlington Trinity Hull Brunswick
1967-68 Bridlington Trinity Lincoln United
1968-69 Farsley Celtic Rawmarsh Welfare
1969-70 Rawmarsh Welfare Dinnington Athletic
The league brought back Division Three in 1970
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1970-71 Lincoln United North Ferriby United Stocksbridge Works
1971-72 Winterton Rangers Barton Town Leeds Ashley Road
1972-73 Mexborough Town Leeds & Carnegie College Hall Road Rangers
1973-74 Lincoln United Thackley Pickering Town
1974-75 Ossett Albion Bridlington Town Stocksbridge Works
1975-76 Emley Guisley Rawmarsh Welfare
1976-77 Winterton Rangers Sheffield Bentley Victoria Welfare
1977-78 Emley Kiveton Park Yorkshire Amateur
1978-79 Winterton Rangers Ossett Albion York Railway Institute
1979-80 Emley Barton Town Hall Road Rangers
1980-81 Leeds Ashley Road Ossett Albion Bradley Rangers
1981-82 Emley Harrogate Town Pontefract Collieries

The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league, but a large number of the tables do not balance.

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