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Qatar Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
1/1/2000 1075-6 Doha 2000 Conference, 2v clock tower
3/1/2000 1077-8 New Millennium Tennis Championships, 2v cup with court/cup with racquet
1/3/2000 1079-80 Gulf Co-operation Council Water Week, 2v droplet/dried earth with droplet
1/5/2000 1081 15th Asian Table Tennis Champs, 1r50 bat & ball
2/9/2000 1082-3 29th anniversary of independence, sheikh fort & emblem/shiekh city and oil platform
9/9/2000 1084-5 50th anniversary of Qatar Post Office, 2v emblem etc.
12/11/2000 1086-7 9th Islamic Summit Conference, 2v emblems
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