North Korea Flag

North Korea

North Korea Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
1/1/2000 SG N3952 New Year, 40th anniversary of 19 April Rising, 10ch steel worker holding torch
1/1/2000 SG N3953 & MSN3954 Koguryo Era tomb murals, 60ch yellow dragon + MS 1w60 blue dragon
25/1/2000 SG N3955-8 Rural Life, 4x40ch details from painting
30/1/2000 SG N3959-61 Mount Paektu, 3x20ch rock formations
3/2/2000 SG N3962-4 Pongsam Mask Dance, 3v masks and characters from dances
6/2/2000 SG N3965-7 Cats, 3x50ch cats
10/2/2000 SG N3968-4027 Fauna, 60x2w animals, 15 sheetlets of 4 each
16/2/2000 SG N4028 58th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il, 40ch log cabin (his birthplace)
5/3/2000 SG MSN4029 Dinosaurs, MS 3x1w various dinosaurs
25/3/2000 SG N4030-3 Butterflies, 4v
25/3/2000 SG N4035-6 & MSN4037 Primates, 2x50ch monkeys + MS 2w different monkey
28/3/2000 SG N4038 55th anniversary of Korean Workers Party (1st issue), 10ch red flag/statue
1/4/2000 SG N4039 40th anniversary of 19 April Rising, 10ch Demonstrators
15/4/2000 SG N4040 88th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, 40ch flowers
25/4/2000 SG N4041 6th death anniversary of Mun Ik Hwan, 50ch portrait
5/5/2000 SG N4042-43 Millennium, 55th anniv of Korean Workers Party, 40ch symbols of tech/dove & envelope
15/5/2000 SG N4044-6 & MSN4047 Orchids, 3v + MS
21/5/2000 SG N4048-50 Bridges, 3v
30/5/2000 SG N4051 WIPA 2000, MS 3v traditional instruments and dances
1/6/2000 SG N4052-3 & MSN4054 Children's songs, 2v pictures of songs + MS similar
15/6/2000 SG N4055-7 & MSN4058 Cephalopods, 3v nautilus/octopus/squid + MS of squid stamp
16/6/2000 SG N4059-60 & MSN4061 Mandarin Ducks, 2x50ch + MS 1w
7/7/2000 SG N4062-4 World Expo 2000, 3v table tennis/basketball/baseball
24/7/2000 SG N4065-7 Trucks of Sungi Motor Plant, 3v Korean trucks
27/7/2000 SG N4068-70 Heroes of the Korean War, 3v Korean weaponry + small portraits of military men
15/8/2000 SG N4071-3 & MSN4074 Minerals, 3v rocks + MS of 1w60 magnesite
15/8/2000 SG N4075-6 & MSN4077 Indonesia 2000 Exhibition, Ducks N4059-60+MSN4061 with overprint
15/9/2000 SG MSN4078 2000 Olympic Games, MS 3v swimming/cycling/running
27/9/2000 SG N4079-81 Myohyang Mountain, 3v scenes from mountain
6/10/2000 SG MSN4082 España 2000, MSN4029 with overprint
10/10/2000 SG N4083 & MSN4084 55th anniversary of Korean Workers Party (1st issue), 10ch emblem & museum/MS 3v various Kims
15/10/2000 SG N4085 Land Re-organisation, 10ch flag/bulldozer and fields
20/10/2000 SG N4086 & MSN4087 Taehongdan potato production centre, 40ch potatoes, MS Kim Il Sung with farmers
21/10/2000 SG MSN4088 Visit of Kim Il Sung to China, MS 1w20 Kim and Jiang Zemin
23/10/2000 SG MSN4089 North Korea-South Korea summit meeting,MS 2w two presidents
24/10/2000 SG MSN4090 Visit of Russian President Putin, MS 1w50 Putin with Kim Jung Il
25/10/2000 SG MSN4091 50th anniversary of Chinese Workers participation in Korean War, MS 5v military scenes
25/10/2000 SG N4092 50th anniversary of Chinese Workers participation in Korean War (2nd issue), 30ch soldiers
5/11/2000 SG N4093-95 Alpine Flowers, 3v flowers
20/12/2000 SG MSN4096(2) Repatriation of Prisoners of War, 2xMS women with POWs, POWs and Crowd

Note: number N4034 is vacant.

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