Palau Flag


Palau Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 SG 1528-33+MS1534(4) Projected space probes, 6x55c + 4xMS
2000 SG 1535-51 New Millennium 1st series, 19th century, 17x20c
2000 SG 1552-68 New Millennium 2nd series, 20th century, 17x20c
2000 SG MS1569 Chinese New Year, year of the dragon, MS green dragon
2000 SG 1570-5 Former US presidents, 5v Clinton/Reagan/Ford/Bush/Kennedy
2000 SG 1580-99 Pre-historic discoveries of 20th century, 20x20c
2000 SG 1600-3 Olympic Games, 4x33c athletes modern and ancient
2000 SG 1604-9+MS1610(4) Projected unmanned spacecraft etc. 6x33c + 4xMS
2000 SG 1611-22+MS1623(2) Birds, 6x20c & 6x33c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1624-43 20th century visionaries, 20x33c
2000 SG 1644-55+MS1656(2) Ocean Marine Life, 6x20c + 6x55c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1657-68+MS1669(2) Marine Life, 12x33c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1670-89+MS1690(2) Advances in science and medicine, 20x33c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1691-1702 New Millennium 3rd series, 6x20c maps 6x55c clocks
2000 SG 1703-14+MS1715(2) Endangered Species, 12x33c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1716-27+MS1728(2) Dinosaurs, 6x20c & 6x33c + 2XMS
2000 SG 1729-34+MS1735(2) Centenary of 1st Zeppelin Flight, 6x55c + 2xMS
2000 SG 1736-9+MS1740 100th birthday of Queen Mother, 4x55c + MS
2000 SG 1741-57 New Millennium, 4th series, development of diving equipment, 17x33c
2000 SG MS1758 8th Pacific Arts Festival, MS with 8x33c
2000 SG 1759-70 45th anniversary of Belau National Museum, 12x33c artefacts
2000 SG MS1771 80th Birthday of Pope John Paul II, MS 6x50c making composite designs
2000 SG MS1772 Chinese New Year, year of the snake, MS face surrounded by red snake
2000 SG 1773-6+MS1777(4) Butterflies, 4x33c + 4xMS
2000 SG MS1778(4) Fauna & Flora, 4xMS

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1570-5 Former US Presidents, 5v but 6 numbers
1576-9 Vacant ?
MS1772 Stampworld has 2 different MS?

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