Peru Flag


Peru Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 MS2037 Millennium, MS 10s flags circling globe
2000 2038 Ricardo Cilloniz Ortiz, 1s50 portrait and foundry
2000 2039-40 Michell Group, 2v Llamas
2000 2041 25th anniversary of Peruvian Institute Of Nuclear Energy, 4s power station
2000 2042-3 Mining Industry, 2x2s miner/mines
2000 2044 70th anniversary of comptroller general of Republic, 3s30 outline of Peru
2000 2045 Poblete Agricultural Group, 1s50 field and portrait of Emilio Hernandez
2000 2046 National School Sports Games, 1s80 pupils carrying flags
2000 2047 World Heritage Sites, 1s30 Machu Pichu
2000 2048 Campaign Against Domestic Violence, 3s80 emblem
2000 2049 Year 2000, 3s20 "jubilee 2000"
2000 2050-2 Students Painting Competition, 3v winning paintings
2000 2053 UN Millennium Summit, 3s20 Member flags and emblem
2000 2054 150th death anniversary of General Jose de San Martin, 3s80 portrait and backs of others
2000 2055-6 30th anniversary of Peru-North America bus route, 2v se-tenant buses and maps
2000 2057 Centenary of International Cycling Union, 2s20 Cyclist and emblem
2000 2058 50th anniversary of World Meterological Organisation, 1s50 sundial
2000 2059-64 Lizards, 6x3s80 se-tenant different lizards
2000 2065 Cacti, 3s80 matucana madisoniorum
2000 2066 Carlos Noriega, 1st Peruvian astronaut, 3s80 Noriega and space shuttle
2000 2067 250th birth anniversary of Tornio Rodriquez de Mendoza, 3s20 portait and library
2000 2068 Centenary of Ucayali province, 3s20 symbols of Ucayali
2000 2069 Wines of Peru, 3s80 grape vine and flag
2000 2070 20th anniversary of ALADI, 10s20 flags on watch parts
2000 2071 50th anniversary of Federation of Journalists, 1s50 emblem
2000 2072 Petrified Forest, 1s50 forest and piece of wood
2000 2073 America Anti-AIDS Campaign, 3s60 male and female symbols
2000 2074 New Judicial Powers, 1s50 Justice Palace
2000 2075 90th anniversary of Peruvian Salvation Army, 1s50 child at table and emblem
2000 2076 50th anniversary of League against Cancer, 1s50 ribbon and medal
2000 2077 150th anniversary of Peruvian Railways, 1s50 steam locomotive
2000 2078 National Congress, 3s80 monument on parliament building
2000 2079 50th anniversary of Caretas magazine, 3s20 portrait of Doris Gibson, 1st editor
2000 2080-4 National Borders, 5v maps of borders with adjacent countries
2000 2085 Birth Centenary of Luis Alberto Sanchez, 3s20 portait
2000 2086-91 Cacti, 6v different cacti
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