Panama Flag


Panama Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
14/1/2000 SG 1621 Christmas, 40c Nativity Scene
14/1/2000 SG 1622 World Expo 98, Lisbon, 45c Pavilion
20/1/2000 SG 1623-6 Harpy Eagle, 4x20c competition winning paintings
28/1/2000 SG 1627 40th anniversary of Business Executives' Association, 50c Emblem
2/2/2000 SG 1628 50th anniversary of Colon Free Trade Zone
10/2/2000 SG 1629 50th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 15c emblem
10/2/2000 SG 1630-3 Beetles, 4x30c beetles
7/9/2000 SG 1634-7 Return of control of the Panama Canal to Panama, 4v mainly ships in canal
7/9/2000 SG 1638-9 & MS1640 85th anniversary of Panama Canal, 2x40v + MS canal during construction

Note: These are 2000 issues according to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogues. Other sources show most, if not all, of these as 1998 issues.


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