Mexico Flag


Mexico Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
24/1/2000 SG 2607 Census, 3p emblem & crowd
2000 SG 2608 International Women's Day, 4p20 women ascending stairs
2000 SG MS2609 Millennium - Democracy, MS 5v
2000 SG MS2610 Millennium Messages, 10p children using computers
2000 SG 2611 Totonaca Temple, 3p picture of temple
2000 SG 2612 50th anniversary of National Association of Universities, 3p emblem, books & Keyboard
2000 SG 2613 25th Tourism Fair, 4p20 emblem
2000 SG 2614 500th anniversary of discovery of Brazil, 4p20 men in canoe and sailing ship
2000 SG 2615 Teacher's Day, 3p Luis Alvarez Barret
2000 SG 2616-7 Stampin' The Future, 2v children's paintings
2000 SG 2618 4th Asia-Pacific Telecoms & Information Industry forum, 4p20 emblem
2000 SG 2619 International Anti-Drugs Day, 4p20 cartoons of children
2000 SG MS2620 Provision for 2 million homes, MS 3v sculptures of buildings
2000 SG MS2621 Millennium - Industry & Culture, MS 5v
2000 SG 2622 Convive, 3p pictograms of aids for disabled people
2000 SG 2623 20th anniversary of Association of Latin American Integration, 4p20 globe and flags
2000 SG 2624 125th anniversary of restoration of Senate, 3p emblem
2000 SG MS2625 EXPO 2000, MS 10v
2000 SG MS2626 75th anniversary of Bank of Mexcio, 10p bank note and building
2000 SG 2627 Mexico City International Marathon, 4p20 runners finishing race
2000 SG 2628 2000 Olympic Games, 4p20 athletes and Sydney Opera House
2000 SG 2629 Paisano Programme, 4p20 emblem & family
2000 SG 2630 2nd International UNESCO Conference, 4p20 emblem
2000 SG 2631 Women's Health Month, 3p profiles
2000 SG 2632 250th anniversary of Ciudad Victoria, 3p building & emblem
2000 SG 2633 World Post Day, 4p20 bird holding letter
2000 SG 2634 50th anniversary of National Human Rights Commission, 3p emblem
2000 SG MS2635 Millennium - Healthcare, 5v technology etc.
2000 SG 2636 50th anniversary of World Meteorological Organisation, 3p clouds and emblem
2000 SG 2637 50th anniversary of International Diabetes Federation, 4p20 emblem
2000 SG MS2638 Millennium - Art, MS 5v different arts
2000 SG 2639 150th anniversary of telegraph in Mexico, 3p Morse and Juan de la Grata
2000 SG 2640 Birth centenary of Luis Bunuel, 3p picture of Bunuel
2000 SG 2641 25th anniversary of Electrical Investigation Institute, 3p Lightning
2000 SG 2642 Centenary of Customs, 3p buildings and bridge
2000 SG 2643-4 Christmas, 2v childrens paintings
2000 SG 2645 50th anniversary of TV in Mexico, 3p TV set & emblem
2000 SG MS2646 Centenary of commencement of building of Postal HQ, MS 3v
2000 SG MS2647 Millennium - Photography, MS 5v
2000 SG 2648 El Tajin, 3p pyramid of the Niches
2000 SG 2649 Nature Conservation, 3p Manatee
2000 SG 2650 Birth centenary of Francisco Sarabia, 3p picture of Sarabia and aeroplane
2000 SG MS2651 Millennium - Industry, MS 5v various industries
2000 SG MS2652 Millennium - Forms of Communication, MS 5v different forms of communication
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