Mayotte Flag


Mayotte Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
5/2/2000 SG 102 Indian Ocean, 3f sailing boat
5/2/2000 SG 103 Whales, 5f20 two whales
24/3/2000 SG 104 District 920 of Inner Wheel (Women's Rotary), 5f20 emblem
29/4/2000 SG 105 L'ile au Lagon, 3f painting
29/4/2000 SG MS106 Women of Mayotte, MS 2v wearing traditional clothes/wearing modern clothes
14/6/2000 SG 107 Tyre Race, 3f children pushing tyres
24/6/2000 SG 108 Sultan Andriantsouli, 5f40 Sultan's tomb
23/9/2000 SG 109-12 Shells, 4x3f se-tenant
27/10/2000 SG 113 1st death anniversary of Zena M'Dere, 3f portirait of M'Dere
25/11/2000 SG 114 Ylang-ylang distillery, 2f60 picture of distillery
25/11/2000 SG 115 New Hospital, 10f building
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