Lithuania Flag


Lithuania Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
3/1/2000 720-4 Ironworks, 5v ornamental ironworks
2000 SG 725-6 National Day, 2v Signatories to 1918 Declaration of Independence
2000 SG MS727 10th anniversary of Restoration of Independence, 7l40 declaration text
2000 SG 728-30 Birth Anniversaries, 3v portraits
2000 SG 731-2 Exhibits in Klaipeda Clock Museum, 2v Sundial/Clock Face
2000 SG 733 Europa, 1l70 Building Europe
2000 SG 734-5 Birds of Prey, 2v Osprey/Black Kite
2000 SG 736-7 Lithuanian Maritime Museum, 2v Seal/Penguin
2000 SG 738-9 2000 Olympic Games, 2v Cycling/Swimming
2000 SG MS740 125th birth anniversary of Mikalojus Konstantinos Ciurlionis, MS 4l "Fairy Tale Castle"
2000 SG 741 10th anniversary of Lithuanian Postal Service, 1l Tree and Emblem
2000 SG 742-4 Town Arms, 3v Raseiniai, Taurage, Utena
2000 SG 745-6 Christmas, 2v snow covered village/snow covered church
2000 SG MS747 Holy Year 2000, MS 4x2l Scenes with Jesus
2000 SG 748 Millennium, 1l Neolithic Amber Artefact
2000 SG MS749 Lithuanian Victories In Olympic Games, MS 4l Olympic medals
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