Kazakhstan Flag


Kazakhstan Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 SG 222-3 2v (20t & 30t) from State Arms Series
2000 SG 279 Centenary of Oil Extraction in Kazakhstan, 7t oil rig
2000 SG 280 Navruz Bayram Festival, 20t Yurt/Horse Racing etc.
2000 SG 281 Millennium, 30t emblem
2000 SG 282 55th anniversary of end of WW2, 3t memorial and eternal flame
2000 SG MS283 International Children's Day, 60t painting
2000 SG 284-5 Joint Issue with China, 2v pottery
2000 SG 286 Birth centenary of Sabit Mukanov, 1t portrait
2000 SG 287 500th birth anniversary of Mukhammed Khaidar Dulti, 8t portrait
2000 SG 288-91 2000 Olympic Games, 4v Canoeing/Gym/Taekwondo/Triathlon
2000 SG 292-4 Echo Telecommunications satellite, 3v all same design
2000 SG MS295 1500th anniversary of Turkestan, MS of 3v buildings
2000 SG 296-8 Endangered Flora, 2nd issue, 3v Flower (all same design)
2000 SG 299 90th birth anniversary of Baurdzhan Momyush-Uly 4t portrait
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