Italy Flag


Italy Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
1/1/2000 SG MS2590 Millennium, The Past & The Future, MS 2x2000l child looking at earth/Astronaut
10/1/2000 SG 2591 Priority Mail - 1200l black, yellow & gold
14/1/2000 SG 2592 Centenary of first performance of Tosca, 800l Tosca and scenery
18/1/2000 SG 2593 Holy Year 2000, 1000l statue and door of St Peter's Basilica
5/2/2000 SG 2594 Six Nations Rugby, 800l rugby players
12/2/2000 SG 2595-6 5th Conference on Breast Diseases, 2v paintings
4/3/2000 SG MS2597 New Millennium, 1st issue, Art & Science, MS 2x800l
7/3/2000 SG 2598 World Cup Skiing Championships, 4800l skier and crystal globe trophy
9/3/2000 SG MS2599 Italian Design, Large MS 5x800l Italian designs
10/3/2000 SG 2600-4 Holy Year 2000, 5v paintings
6/4/2000 SG 2605 150th annivesary of La Civilta Cattolica Foundation, 800l library & emblem
8/4/2000 SG 2606 150th anniversary of St Joseph's College, 800l college courtyard
14/4/2000 SG 2607-10 Tourist Publicity, 27th series, 4x800l views
14/4/2000 SG 2611 Centenary of International Cycling Union, 1500l cyclist
14/4/2000 SG 2612 Papier-Mache Figurines, Catanisettaa 800l Christ carrying cross
4/5/2000 SG MS2613 Millennium, 2nd issue, Countryside & City, MS 2v landscape/town
6/5/2000 SG 2614 Death Bicentenary of Niccolo Piccini (composer) 4000l portrait
9/5/2000 SG 2615 Europa - 800l Building Europe
9/5/2000 SG 2616-7 Museum of Posts & Telecommunications, 2x800l
20/5/2000 SG 2618 Lazio, Italian Football Champions, 800l player and pitch
31/5/2000 SG 2619 700th anniversary of Monza Cathedral, 800l fa├žade of cathedral
17/6/2000 SG 2620 UN World Food Programme, 1000l globe and ears of corn
24/7/2000 SG 2621 Centenary of Jesus The Redeemer Movement, 800l statue
28/6/2000 SG 2622 120th anniversary of Italian Water Board, 800l bridge
4/7/2000 SG MS2623 Millennium, 3rd issue, Technology & space, MS 2x800l
7/7/2000 SG 2624 Stampin' The Future, 1000l child's painting of child with ladder
8/7/2000 SG 2625 World Archery Championships, 1000l archer
31/7/2000 SG 2626 World Junior Cycling Champs, 800l cyclist and globe
8/8/2000 SG 2627 Millenary fair of St Orso, 1000l fair attractions
8/8/2000 SG 2628 570th death anniversary of Carlo Crivelli, 800l painting of Madonna & Child
26/8/2000 SG 2629 18th International Transplanation Society Congress, 1000l internal organs
1/9/2000 SG 2630-1 2000 Olympic Games, 2v Athlete & Stadium/Discus Thrower and Sydney Harbour
4/9/2000 SG MS2632 Millennium, 4th issue, War and Peace, MS of 2x800l frescoes
8/9/2000 SG 2633 Bicentenary of Battle of Marengo, 800l battle scene
20/9/2000 SG 2634 New Year, 800l silhouettes against city skyline
23/9/2000 SG 2635 Stamp Day, 800l child holding magnifying glass
30/9/2000 SG 2636 Death centenary of Father Luigi Maria Monti, 800l Monti with sick child
30/9/2000 SG 2637 250th birth anniversary of Antonio Salieri, 4800l portait
2/10/2000 SG 2638 2000 Paralympic Games, 1500l disabled athletes
14/10/2000 SG 2639 World Mathematics Year, 800; emblem/chaos model/globe in cylinder
18/10/2000 SG 2640 Volunteers, 800l couple and globe
20/10/2000 SG 2641 400th death anniversary of Giordano Bruno, 800l quill/text/bust of Bruno
25/10/2000 SG 2642 600th birth anniversary of Luca della Robba, 800l Madonna of the Rose Garden
26/10/2000 SG 2643 250th anniversary of Roveretana degli Agiati Academy, 800l arms of Academy
3/11/2000 SG 2644 Birth centenary of Gaetano Martino, 800l portrait and map of Europe
3/11/2000 SG 2645 500th birth anniversary of Benvenuto Cellini, 1200l Perseus with head of Medusa
4/11/2000 SG MS2646 Millennium, 6th issue, Meditation & Expression, MS of 2x800l
6/11/2000 SG 2647-8 Universities, 2v university buildings
6/11/2000 SG 2649-50 Christmas, 2v Snowflakes/Crib from Matera Cathedral
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