Isle of Man Flag

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
24/1/2000 SG 869-74 The Story of Time, 6v clocks etc.
29/2/2000 SG 875-80 & MS881 Queen Mother 100th birthday, 6v + MS
6/5/2000 SG 882-5 Endangered Species, 4v se-tenant song birds
22/5/2000 SG MS886 Stamp Show 2000, MS881 (Queen Mother) with additional overprint
22/5/2000 SG 887-92 & MS893 Isle of Man at War, 6v + MS
21/6/2000 SG MS894 18th birthday of Prince William, MS 5 stamps
16/7/2000 SG 895-900 Centenary of Gaiety Theatre, 6v
10/9/2000 SG 901-6 Global Challenge Round The World Yacht Race, 6v scenes maps & flags
6/10/2000 SG 907-11 170th anniversary of Steam Packet Comapny, 5v tourism posters
7/11/2000 SG 912-6 Christmas & Europa, 5v
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