Greece Flag


Greece Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
1/1/2000 SG 2117-22 Birth Bimillenary of Jesus, 6v
9/5/2000 SG 2123 Europa, 170d "Building Europe" (sheet and booklet printing)
26/6/2000 SG 2124-7 Ships, 4v
26/6/2000 SG 2128-31 Stampin' The Future, 4v childrens paintings
15/9/2000 SG 2132-3 2000 Olympic Games, 2v torch, flag etc.
7/11/2000 SG 2134-9 2004 Olympic Games, 1st issue, 6v Emblem and rings
18/12/2000 SG MS2140 Centenary of 1st Crete Stamp, MS stamp on stamp
18/12/2000 SG 2141-8 Birth Bimillenary of Jesus, 8v sculptures and icons
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