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Democratic Republic of Congo

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Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 SG 1550-62 & MS1563 Flora & Fauna, 12x1f + 1x7f80 animals + MS 10f Warthog
2000 SG 1564-81 & MS1582(2) Flora & Fauna of Africa, 18v + 2xMS
2000 SG 1583-1606 & MS1607(2) Wild cats and dogs, 12x1f50 and 12x2f + 2xMS (10f)
2000 SG 1608-10 New Millennium, 3v "2000" and mountains
2000 SG 1611-6 & MS1617(4) Birds of the Congo, 6v + 4xMS
2000 SG 1618-21 & MS1622(4) Parrots, 4v + 4xMS
2000 SG 1623-4 & MS1625(3) Hummingbirds, 2v + 3xMS
2000 SG 1626-34 Left vacant for surcharges issued in 2000 not yet properly catalogued

DR Congo SG MS1563

Flora and Fauna - 1 Miniature Sheet

SG MS1563 Miniature Sheet containing 10FC Warthog

There are also 13 stamps as part of this issue which I don't have yet.


DR Congo SG 1595-1606

Cats and dogs of the world - 24 stamps

I only have the "dogs" section of this issue

SG 1595 2FC Canis mesomelas

SG 1596 2FC Otocyon megalotis

SG 1597 2FC Speothos venaticus

SG 1598 2FC Canis latrans

SG 1599 2FC Cuon alpinus

SG 1600 2FC Fennecus zerda

SG 1601 2FC Urucyon cinereoargenteus

SG 1602 2FC Canus lupus

SG 1603 2FC Vulpes macrotis

SG 1604 2FC Chrysocyon brachyurus

SG 1605 2FC Nyctereutes procyonides

SG 1606 2FC Vulpes vulpes

DR Congo SG MS1607b

Cats and dogs of the world - 2 Miniature Sheets

I only have the "dogs" section of this issue

SG MS1607b Miniature Sheet containing 10FC Alopex lagopus


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