Cook Islands Flag

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
20/10/2000 SG 1433-6 & MS1437 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday, 4v plus MS
14/12/2000 SG 1438-41 & MS1442 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, sheetlet of 4v plus MS

Cook Islands SG MS1437

100th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Miniature Sheet 72x100mm

SG MS1437 - $6 Queen Mother in dark blue outfit


Cook Islands SG 1438-1941

2000 Olympic Games, Sydney. Sheetlet of 4 stamps

SG 1438 - $1.75 Ancient runner on pottery

SG 1439 - $1.75 Modern runner

SG 1440 - $1.75 Ancient archer

SG 1441 - $1.75 Modern archer

There is also a Miniature Sheet with this issue that I don't have yet.


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