Cayman Islands Flag

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
29/02/2000 SG 909-15 Stamp Show 2000, 7x40c Kings of England
15/03/2000 SG 916-26 & MS927 Sesame Street, 11v + MS
21/06/2000 SG 928-31 & MS932 18th birthday of Prince William, 4v + MS
25/08/2000 SG 933-6 Marine Life, 4v turtle/fish/fish/eel
27/09/2000 SG 937-40 National Drugs Council, 4v
14/11/2000 SG 941-4 Christmas, Traditional Customs, 4v

Cayman Islands SG MS932

18th birthday of Prince William, 1 Miniature Sheet of 5 stamps

SG MS932 - 10c/20c/30c/40c/$1 pictures of Prince William at various ages

Four of the five stamps from the MS were available as indiviual items, I don't yet have these.


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