Bosnia-Herzogovina Flag

(Republika Srpska)

Bosnia-Herzogovina Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 SG S173 800th death anniversary of Stefan Nemanja (Stephen II) 1m50 fresco of St Simeon
2000 SG S174-5 Trees, 2v plum/hazel
2000 SG S176-9 Bridges on Drina River, 4v
2000 SG S180 Jovan Ducic commemoration, 20f sepia portrait - treated as definitive
2000 SG S181-2 Europa, 2v Building Europe/Children & Stars
2000 SG S183/a/b Obligatory Tax, Red Cross Week 2x10f, plus 1 self-adhesive
2000 SG S184 Centenary of Banja Luka Province,1m50 church that has been destroyed in WW2
2000 SG S185-6 & MS187 Euro 2000 Football, 2v footballers + MS Belgian/Dutch map/flags/players etc
2000 SG S188 125th anniversary of Herzegovina Rebellion, 1m50 leaders of uprising
2000 SG S189-92 & MS193 2000 Olympic Games, 4v Outline map of Australia & Sports + MS emu/kangaroo etc
2000 SG 194-5 Obligatory Tax, Tuberculosis Week, 10f toddler + same self-adhesive
2000 SG 196-9 175th anniversary of Railways, 4v locomotives
2000 SG S200-1 European Nature Protection, 2v edelweiss/olm
2000 SG MS202(2) Millennium (2nd Series), 2xMS inventions/exploration by sea
2000 SG 203-6 Icons & Frescoes, 2x50f 2x1m
2000 SG 207 125th anniversary of Telephony, 1m Alexander Graham Bell *

* - Some sources have this as a 2001 issue.


Bosnia (Republika Srpska) SG S189-92

2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, 4 stamps

SG S189 - 0.50m Map of Australia & hurdler (blue)

SG S190 - 0.50m Map of Australia & volleyball (pink)

SG S191 - 0.50m Map of Australia & basketball (beige)

SG S192 - 0.50m Map of Australia & handball (green)

Bosnia (Republika Srpska) SG MSS193

2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, 1 Miniature Sheet

SG S189 - 2.00m Map of Australia with emu and kangaroo

Bosnia (Republika Srpska) SG S200-1

European Nature Protection, 2 stamps

SG S189 - 1.00m Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)

SG S190 - 2.00m Olm (Proteus anguineus)

Bosnia (Republika Srpska) SG S203-6

Icons and Frescoes, 4 stamps

SG S203 - 0.50m Mary

SG S204 - 0.50m Entering Jerusalem

SG S205 - 1.00m Mary with child

SG S206 - 1.00m Jesus


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