Brazil Flag


Brazil Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
2000 SG 3054-7 Stampin' the future, 4v children's paintings
2000 SG 3058 Millennium, 90c 2000 in yellow ribbons across "Feliz" in green
2000 SG 3059 National School Book Programme, 31c map of South America with children holding books
2000 SG 3060-2 Women Aviators, 3v Rogato/de Marco/Pinheiro
2000 SG 3063-4 Cultural Dishes, 2x1r05 pictures of food
2000 SG 3065 Birth centenary of Gilberto Freyre, 36c Freyre and institute façade
2000 SG 3066 500th anniversary of discovery of Brazil, 51c painting & emblem
2000 SG 3067-70 500th anniversary of discovery of Brazil, 4x31c native peoples
2000 Uncatalogued 500th anniversary of discovery of Brazil, 51c ship etc, personalised stamp
2000 SG 3071-90 500th anniversary of discovery of Brazil, 20x45c various
2000 SG 3091 2nd anniversary of BrazilTradeNet, 27c globe & map of Brazil
2000 SG 3092 National Coastal Management Programme, 40c turtle, macaw & map
2000 SG MS3093 Expo 2000 Germany & International Geological Congress, MS 3x1r30 minerals etc.
2000 SG 3094 Centenary of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, 40c Cruz, Students and building
2000 SG 3095 Africa Day, 1r10 mask, instruments and jewellery
2000 SG 3096-7 Voyages by Amyr Klink, 2x1r se-tenant, boats and charts
2000 SG 3098 150th anniversary of Juiz de Fora, 60c flag/buildings/map/city arms
2000 SG 3099-3102 Outdoor Pursuits, 4v hang gliding/surfing/climbing/skateboarding
2000 SG 3103-6 Environmental Protection, 4x40c se-tenant Forests/animals etc.
2000 SG 3107-8 Brazilian Navy Cadet Ships, 2x27c sailing ships
2000 SG MS3109 Environment Protection, 1r40 hospital ship and birds
2000 SG MS3110 America Health Campaigns, MS 2x1r10
2000 SG 3111 Birth Centenary of Aniso Teixeira, 45c Teixeria, pupils and building
2000 SG 3112-3 10th anniversary of Children & Teenager Statute and National Movement of Street Boys/Girls, 2v
2000 SG 3114 Birth Centenary of Gustavo Capanama Filho, 60c Capanema
2000 SG 3115 5th anniversary of Telecourse 2000 TV programme, 27c TV and hand writing in notebook
2000 SG 3116 Birth Cenentenary of Milton Campos, 1f Campos
2000 SG 3117 World Day for Protection of Ozone Layer, 1r45 hand protecting globe
21/9/00 SG 2827-8 1997 Fruits series 2x self adhesive, 0.27r (Cupuaçu) & 0.40r (Graviola)
2000 SG 3118-57 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, 40v cartoon character doing different events
2000 SG 3158-9 Organ Donation, 2v Surgeon/Hands holding heart
2000 SG 3160-1 Brazil-China Joint Issue, 25th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, 2x27c mask/puppet
2000 SG 3162-3 Motor Racing Personalities, 2r Chico Sandl/Ayrton Senna with their cars
2000 SG 3164-73 Brazilian Aircraft, 10x27c various planes
2000 SG 3174-9 Christmas, 6x27c (3 se-tenant pairs) various designs
2000 SG 3180 Light and Sound Shows, 1r30 conductor's baton and music score
2000 SG 3181 Centenary of arbitration of border with French Guiana, 40c map & Baron Branco

Brazil SG 3054-7

Stampin' The Future, 4 stamps

SG 3054 - 0.22+0.08r Child between city and forest

SG 3055 - 0.22+0.08r Kids all over the world

SG 3056 - 0.22+0.08r Pregnant woman

SG 3057 - 0.22+0.08r Hugging the planet

Note: My block is not in SG catalogue order, in fact it is in reverse order.

Brazil SG 3058

Millennium, 1 stamp

SG 3058 - 0.20r "2000" formed by a ribbon over the world "Feliz"

Brazil SG 3092

National Coastal Management Programme, 1 stamp

SG 3092 - 0.40r turtle, macaw & map

Brazil SG 3099-3102

Outdoor Pursuits, 4 stamps

SG 3099 - 0.27r Hang Gliding

SG 3100 - 0.27r Surfing

SG 3101 - 0.40r Climbing

SG 3102 - 0.40r Skateboarding

Brazil SG 3160-1

Brazil-China joint issue, 25th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, 2 stamps

SG 3160 - 0.27r Mask

SG 3161 - 0.27r Puppet

Brazil SG 3181

Centenary of arbitration of border with French Guiana, 1 stamp

SG 3058 - 0.40r map and picture of Baron Branco


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