Alderney Flag


Alderney Flag
Date of Issue SG Cat No. Description
4/2/2000 SG A140-5 Endangered Species, 6v Peregrine Falcon
28/4/2000 SG A146-51 & MSA152 A Wombling Holiday, 6v different Wombles plus MS of all 6
4/8/2000 SG MSA153 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother's 100 Birthday, £1.50 MS picture in blue outfit waving
19/10/2000 SG A154-61 Garrison Island (4th series), 8v (4 se-tenant pairs)

Alderney SG A140-45

Endangered Species - Peregrine Falcon, 6 stamps

SG A140 - 21p Peregrine Falcon attacking Ruddy Turnstone

SG A141 - 26p Two Falcons with prey

SG A142 - 36p Falcon guarding eggs

SG A143 - 40p Falcon feeding young

SG A154 - 45p Falcon and prey

SG A155 - 65p Two young Falcons

Alderney SG A146-51

A Wombling Holiday, 6 stamps

SG A146 - 21p Wombles around map of Alderney

SG A147 - 26p Alderney and Shansi on beach

SG A148 - 34p Wellington by lighthouse

SG A149 - 38p Madame Cholet and Bungle having picnic

SG A150 - 44p Tomsk playing golf

SG A151 - 64p Orinoco at airport

Alderney SG MSA152

A Wombling Holiday, 1 miniature sheet 160x86mm

SG MSA152 - 6 stamps as A146-A151 above

Alderney SG MSA153

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's 100th birthday, 1 miniature sheet 93x70mm

SG MSA153 - £1.50 Queen Mother in blue dress waving

Alderney SG A154-61

Garrison Island (4th series), 8 stamps in 4 se-tenant pairs

SG A154 - 21p Regimental Boxing Tournament

SG A155 - 21p Sports Day, Alderney Gala Week 1924

SG A156 - 26p Regimental Orchestra playing at ball

SG A157 - 26p Garrison Ball in Fort Albert Mess, 1873

SG A158 - 34p Royal Engineers' Colour Party, 1859

SG A159 - 34p Royal Artillery on Parade, 1859

SG A160 - 40p Royal Artillery Guard of Honour

SG A161 - 40p Arrival of Major General Marcus Slade, 1863


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