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The Wimbledon & District League can trace it's history back to 1898.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2002-03 Unity London Study Centre Brentside reserves
2003-04 Brompton Rovers Colombia Sports Association French Embassy
2004-05 Real Phoenix Partizan Wandsworth Brentnal

In 2005, Division Three was added.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2005-06 Brentnal Duet Lancaster YC Duet reserves
2006-07 Brentnal AFC Battersea Wadham College Old Boys Goldfingers
2007-08 Real Phoenix FC Porto of London South East London Peparami
2008-09 AFC Cubo Brentnal reserves South Wimbledon Battersea Old Firm
2009-10 AFC Battersea AFC Cubo reserves Battersea Old Firm Bar Sia
2010-11 South East London UCC Wandsworth Celtic Bar Sia Kiwi
2011-12 PWCA (Wimbledon) Sporting Duet Kiwi Boca Seniors
2012-13 Peckham United Brentside Merchant UCC Diaspora reserves
2013-14 PWCA Wimbledon Goldfingers FC Porto of London London Box Sash
2014-15 Brentnal Putney Saint-Germain Boca Seniors Putney Ferrets
2015-16 PWCA (Wimbledon) Imperial College OB reserves London Box Sash Clapham Cosmos
2016-17 UCC Diaspora London Box Sash Clapham Cosmos Battersea Boys
2017-18 Goldfingers Sporting Duet London Gorillas Boca

The divisions were re-named in 2018.

Season Premiership Championship League One League Two
2018-19 UCC Diaspora London Gorillas AFC Cubo reserves Royal Wells

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