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Formed over a hundred years ago, the Wearside League is a league that currently has the top division as a Regional Feeder League to the National League system, covering Durham and North Yorkshire


Recent Champions (incomplete list)

1910-11Haswell Swifts
1911-12Horden Athletic
1912-13Horden Athletic
1913-14Horden Athletic
1915-18Competition suspended during World War I
1918-19R Thompson's Munition Works
1919-20Seaham Harbour
1920-21Seaham Harbour
1921-22Lambton Star
1922-23R Thompson's
1923-24Hetton United
1924-25R Thompson's
1926-27Silksworth Colliery
1927-28Ryhope Colliery
1929-30Easington Colliery Welfare
1930-31Seaham Colliery Welfare
1931-32Easington Colliery Welfare
1932-33Easington Colliery Welfare
1933-34Horden Colliery Welfare
1934-35Blackhall Colliery Welfare
1935-36Lumley Sixth Pit Welfare
1936-37Murton Colliery Welfare
1937-38Blackhall Colliery Welfare
1938-39Blackhall Colliery Welfare
1939-40Usworth Colliery
1940-45League suspended during World War II
1945-46Birtley Town
1946-47Seaham Colliery Welfare
1947-48Easington Colliery Welfare
1948-49Easington Colliery Welfare
1949-50South Hetton
1950-51Sunderland "A"
1951-52Sunderland "A"
1952-53Boldon Colliery Welfare
1953-54Shotton Colliery Welfare
1954-55Boldon Colliery Welfare
1955-56Shotton Colliery Welfare
1956-57Shotton Colliery Welfare
1957-58Silksworth Colliery Welfare
1958-59Langley Park Colliery Welfare
1959-60Murton Colliery Welfare
1960-61Shotton Colliery Welfare
1961-62Ryhope Colliery Welfare
1962-63Ryhope Colliery Welfare
1963-64Ryhope Colliery Welfare
1964-65Horden Colliery Welfare
1965-66Ryhope Colliery Welfare
1967-68Horden Colliery Welfare
1968-69Darlington reserves
1969-70Horden Colliery Welfare
1970-71Horden Colliery Welfare
1971-72Horden Colliery Welfare
1972-73Horden Colliery Welfare
1973-74Blue Star
1974-75Boldon Colliery Welfare
1975-76Blue Star
1976-77South Shields
1978-79Wallsend Town
1979-80Hartlepool United reserves
1980-81Chester-le-Street Town
1981-82Seaham Colliery Welfare Red Star
1982-83Blue Star
1983-84Blue Star
1984-85Blue Star
1985-86Coundon T T
1986-87Annfield Plain

The League split into two divisions in 1988

SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1988-89 Dunston Federation Brewery N E I Parsons
1989-90 Dunston Federation Brewery Wolviston
1990-91 Eppleton Colliery Welfare South Shields Cleadon S C
1991-92 Eppleton Colliery Welfare Silksworth
1992-93 South Shields Hartlepool B W O B
1993-94 Hartlepool Town Nissan
1994-95 South Shields Birtley Town
1995-96 Marske United Whitehaven Amateurs

The league reverted to a single division in 1996

1996-97Boldon Community Association
1997-98Annfield Plain

In 1998, Division Two was re-formed

SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1998-99 North Shields Athletic Sunderland Red House
1999-00 Washington Nissan Redcar Town

A single-division format was re-established in 2000

2000-01Washington Nissan
2001-02North Shields
2002-03Birtley Town
2003-04North Shields
2004-05Darlington Railway Athletic
2005-06Whitehaven Amateurs
2006-07Birtley Town
2007-08New Marske SC
2008-09Newton Aycliffe
2009-10Scarborough Town
2010-11Ryhope Colliery Welfare
2011-12Ryhope Colliery Welfare
2012-13Stockton Town
2013-14Stockton Town
2014-15Stockton Town
2015-16Stockton Town
2017-18Redcar Athletic

In 2018, the league absorbed the Durham Alliance Combination as a "Development Division"

SeasonWearside LeagueDurham & Wearside Development Division
2018-19Hebburn Town reservesSunderland Town End
2019-20Season declared null and void
2020-21Season declared null and void

The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league. Tables from 1977 to date are available, compiled from contemporary sources.

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