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The Southern Amateur League is one of the largest in the World. It has nearly 20 divisions, but only 34 clubs! Each of the 34 clubs enters it's first team in the Senior Section (split into three divisions), a reserve team in the Intermediate Section and a third team in the Junior Section. Below that, a Minor section caters for fourth and lower teams. Teams can get promoted and relegated within their Section, but not across Sections. The F.C.H.D. currently only includes the three divisions of the Senior Section.

The league maintains a strict amateur ethos, many of its clubs are "Old Boys" clubs from long-established schools, or are representative teams from our major banks. Teams have to play teams in a strict heirarchical order of strength, with league titles witheld if the league is convinced that a club has strengthened one of it's teams in a lower division at the expense of a team in a higher division.

The league sits outside the National League System, but a representative side does compete in the FA Inter-League cup against teams from leagues within the NLS, and some individual clubs do compete in local competitions against teams from within the NLS. No clubs from the SAL currently compete in the main FA club competitions, the last to do so were West Wickham in 1996. West Wickham also share the record for the best FA Vase performance from an SAL side when they reached the third round in 1987-88, thus equalling Norsemen's performance in 1982-83.

The League has an excellent website at http://www.southernamateurleague.co.uk/


Recent Senior Section Divisional Champions (Incomplete list)

Season One Two Three
1969-70 Midland Bank Kew Associatiob Pearl Assurance
1970-71 Civil Service Ibis Old Bromleians
1971-72 Southgate Olympic Barclays Bank Old Esthameians
1972-73 Midland Bank Old Westminster Citizens Brentham
1973-74 Midland Bank Norsemen Carshalton
1974-75 Catford Wanderers Old Bromleians Old Esthameians
1975-76 Midland Bank Barclays Bank Merton
1976-77 Kew Association Carshalton South Bank Polytechnic
1977-78 West Wickham Barclays Bank East Barnet Old Grammarians
1978-79 Catford Wanderers East Barnet Old Grammarians Old Westminster Citizens
1979-80 West Wickham Southgate Olympic Old Bromleians
1980-81 Old Esthameians Old Bromleians Britannic House
1981-82 West Wickham Old Parkonians Old Stationers
1982-83 Crouch End Vampires Lensbury Barclays Bank
1983-84 Winchmore Hill Old Stationers Old Salesians
1984-85 West Wickham Old Salesians Old Actonians Association
1985-86 National Westminster Bank Old Actonians Association Ibis
1986-87 West Wickham Old Parkonians Brentham
1987-88 West Wickham Old Actonians Association Merton
1988-89 West Wickham Midland Bank East Barnet Old Grammarians
1989-90 West Wickham Carshalton Southgate Olympic
1990-91 West Wickham Old Bromleians Alexandra Park
1991-92 Old Actonians Association Crouch End Vampires Lensbury
1992-93 National Westminster Bank Lensbury Old Latymerians
1993-94 South Bank Polytechnic East Barnet Old Grammarians Old Parmiterians
1994-95 South Bank Carshalton Old Lyonians
1995-96 Old Actonians Association Old Parmiterians Old Salesians
1996-97 Old Parmiterians Lloyds Bank Midland Bank
1997-98 Norsemen National Westminster Bank Old Stationers
1998-99 Old Actonians Association Old Bromleians Alleyn Old Boys
1999-00 Old Actonians Association Alleyn Old Boys Broomfield
2000-01 Old Actonians Association Broomfield Old Lyonians
2001-02 Old Owens Old Salesians Nottsborough
2002-03 Old Salesians Winchmore Hill Bank of England
2003-04 Old Esthameians Nottsborough Kew Association
2004-05 Broomfield East Barnet Old Grammarians Old Wilsonians
2005-06 Old Owens Alleyn Old Boys Merton
2006-07 Nottsborough Polytechnic South Bank Cuaco
2007-08 West Wickham Old Esthameians Old Parkonians
2008-09 Nottsborough Broomfield Lloyds TSB Bank
2009-10 Nottsborough East Barnet Old Grammarians Old Parkonians
2010-11 Nottsborough Norsemen Old Westminster Citizens
2011-12 Old Salesians Civil Service Alexandra Park
2012-13 Nottsborough Polytechnic Old Garchonians
2013-14 Old Owens Old Garchonians N U F C Oilers
2014-15 Winchmore Hill N U F C Oilers Lloyds
2015-16 Polytechnic Old Parkonians HSBC
2016-17 Polytechnic East Barnet Old Grammarians Norsemen
2017-18 Polytechnic Actonians Association Carshalton
2018-19 West Wickham Norsemen Crouch End Vampires
2019-20 Season declared null and void
2020-21 Season declared null and void

The Southern Amateur archive website contains a full set of league tables for all divisions of the league, but we are not aware of the tables being published in book form.

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