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The Midland League was formed in 2014 as the merger of the Midland Alliance and the Midland Combination.


It is not to be confused with the Midland League/Midland Counties League that ran from 1889 to 1982 and became part of the Northern Counties East League, nor the Midland League that was a renamed Staffordshire Senior League from 1994 to 2005.


Divisional Champions

Season Premier One Two Three
2014-15 Basford United Highgate United Coventry United Austrey Rangers
2015-16 Hereford Coventry United Alvis Sporting Club Leamington Hibernian
2016-17 Alvechurch Bromsgrove Sporting Droitwich Spa NKF Burbage
2017-18 Bromsgrove Sporting Walsall Wood NKF Burbage GNP Sports
2018-19 Ilkeston Town Heather St Johns Northfield Town Alcester Town

Reserve Divisions

Season One Two
2014-15 Romulus reserves Highgate United reserves

The two reserve divisions were merged to form a single section in 2015.

Season Champions
2015-16 Coleshill Town reserves
2016-17 Gresley reserves
2017-18 Gresley reserves
2018-19 Gresley reserves

The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league, compiled from contemporary sources.


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