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Recent Champions (Incomplete list)

1988-89Ruston Sports
1989-90Bottesford Town
1990-91Bottesford Town
1991-92Bottesford Town
1992-93Humberside United
1993-94Appleby Frodingham
1995-96Lincoln United Colts
1996-97Barton Town Old Boys
1997-98Lincoln United reserves
1998-99Boston United reserves
1999-00Boston United reserves
2000-01Grantham Town reserves
2001-02Lincoln United reserves
2002-03Grimsby Amateurs
2003-04Sleaford Town
2005-06Hykeham Town
2006-07Skegness Town
2007-08Skegness Town
2008-09C G B Humbertherm
2010-11Boston United reserves
2011-12Cleethorpes Town
2012-13Skegness United
2013-14Skegness Town
2014-15Hykeham Town
2015-16Skegness Town
2016-17Skegness Town
2017-18Ruston Sports
2018-19Lincoln Moorlands Railway
2019-20Season abandoned

The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league

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