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Formed in 1968, the Gloucestershire County League League is a single-division league, a Regional Feeder League to the National League System. In recent years, clubs have moved up to either the Hellenic League or the Western League.

The league came to some national prominence in the late 1970s, when Almondsbury Greenway had two fantastic runs in the F.A. Vase, reaching the semi-final in 1977-78, and being runners-up in the Wembley Stadium final twelve months later. Old Georgians also had a decent run a few years later, when they reached the Quarter Finals.

No Gloucestershire County League teams currently enter the F.A. Cup, nor have done since the mid-1980s. Almondsbury Greenway, Cinderford Town and Stonehouse did so in the past, with the run to the Third Round Qualifying from Cinderford in 1973-74 the best achieved by a side while members of the league.


Sponsors of the Gloucestershire County League

1969-70Bristol St George
1970-71Cadbury Heath
1971-72Cadbury Heath
1972-73Cadbury Heath
1973-74Cadbury Heath
1974-75Matson Athletic
1975-76Matson Athletic
1976-77Almondsbury Greenway
1977-78Almondsbury Greenway
1978-79Almondsbury Greenway
1979-80Almondsbury Greenway
1980-81Almondsbury Greenway
1981-82Shortwood United
1982-83Old Georgians
1984-85Old Georgians
1986-87Old Georgians
1987-88Old Georgians
1988-89Lawrence Weston Hallen
1990-91Tuffley Rovers
1991-92Patchway Town
1993-94Cadbury Heath
1994-95Henbury Old Boys
1995-96D R G
1996-97Old Georgians
1997-98Cadbury Heath
1998-99Cadbury Heath
1999-00Highridge United
2000-01Winterbourne United
2001-02Roman Glass St George
2002-03Patchway Town
2004-05Highridge United
2005-06Lydney Town
2006-07Roman Glass St George
2009-10Thornbury Town
2010-11Brimscombe & Thrupp
2011-12Cribbs Friends Life
2014-15Cheltenham Civil Service
2015-16AEK Boco
2016-17Bristol Telephones
2017-18Thornbury Town
2018-19Lebeq United
2019-20Season declared null and void/td>
2020-21Season declared null and void/td>

The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league, most of which were compiled from contemporary sources. Others were supplied by Forest Green Rovers. The table for 1997-98 does not balance.

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