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The F.A. Premier Reserve League was formed to give reserve teams from Premier League clubs more competition against each other. Previously, those in the Northern half of the country were playing in the Central League and those in the Southern half The Football Combination.


Until 2006, clubs relegated from the Premier League were permitted to keep their reserve team in the Premier Reserve League, but from that date only current Premier League sides are represented.


The league was disbanded in 2012 with Premier League clubs forming Under 21 sides instead of reserve teams.



The league was formed with Northern and Southern Divisions

1999-00 Liverpool reserves Derby County reserves
2000-01 Everton reserves Derby County reserves
2001-02 Manchester United reserves Ipswich Town reserves
2002-03 Sunderland reserves Watford reserves
2003-04 Aston Villa reserves Charlton Athletic reserves
2004-05 Manchester United reserves Charlton Athletic reserves
2005-06 Manchester United reserves Tottenham Hotspur reserves
2006-07 Bolton Wanderers reserves Reading reserves
2007-08 Liverpool reserves Aston Villa reserves
2008-09 Sunderland reserves Aston Villa reserves
2009-10 Manchester United reserves Aston Villa reserves

In 2010, the Northern Division was split into "A" and "B" sections.

SeasonNorth ANorth BSouth
2010-11 Manchester United reserves Blackburn Rovers reserves Chelsea reserves

In 2011, the Northern sections were re-combined into a single section

2011-12 Manchester United reserves Aston Villa reserves

From 2004, a play-off was held to determine the Overall champions. Winners are shown in bold above.


The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league, compiled from contemporary sources. Two tables, the Northern Division for the inaugural season and the Southern Division for 2001-02, still does not balance.

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