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The F.A. Premier League was formed by the leading clubs in the Football League Division One breaking away. They did so to gain more control over T V rights etc. and to have more control generally over their own destiny


Since it's inception, the League has been dominated by one club - Manchester United. 11 titles in the first 17 years, coupled with 4 F.A. Cup victories, culminating in the unique treble of league, Cup and European Champions League title in 1999. Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester City and Liverpool are the only sides to have broken the Old Trafford club's grip on the title.


F A Premier League clubs have dominated the F A Cup - every finalist except two (and all the winners) since the league's formation has come from the Premier League

The league has a website, which contains lots of current and historical statistical information at http://www.premierleague.com


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The league has always consisted of a single division

1992-93Manchester United
1993-94Manchester United
1994-95Blackburn Rovers
1995-96Manchester United
1996-97Manchester United
1998-99Manchester United
1999-00Manchester United
2000-01Manchester United
2002-03Manchester United
2006-07Manchester United
2007-08Manchester United
2008-09Manchester United
2010-11Manchester United
2011-12Manchester City
2012-13Manchester United
2013-14Manchester City
2015-16Leicester City
2017-18Manchester City
2018-19Manchester City

The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league, compiled from contemporary sources. A full set of tables was most recently published in the book "Football League Tables 1888-2013" published by Soccer Books Limited

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