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Formed in 1966, the Essex Olympian League is a league that has its Premier Division at Step 7 of the National League System. The league has three other divisions for first teams (technically outside the NLS) and three further sections for reserve teams (although some reserve teams of clubs from higher leagues do play inside the main structure).

From 1986-2005, the league was known the Essex Intermediate League.

The League has an absolutely superb website at http://www.eofl.co.uk, which has all the current information about the league plus an extensive archive section.


Sponsors of the Essex Olympian League

1966-67Burnham Ramblers
1968-69Basildon Town
1969-70Billericay Town
1970-71Billericay Town
1972-73Chadwell Heath
1973-74Chadwell Heath
1974-75Chadwell Heath
1975-76Essex Police
1976-77Collier Row Motor Gear
1977-78Runwell Hospital
1979-80Essex Police
1980-81Rayleigh Town

In 1981, the league split into two divisions

Season Division One Division Two
1981-82 Herongate Athletic Rayleigh Athletic
1982-83 Herongate Athletic Dunmow
1983-84 Rayleigh Town Essex Police
1984-85 Rayleigh Town Shell Club
1985-86 Essex Police Cossor Sports

The league changed name to the Essex Intermediate League in 1986.

Season Division One Division Two
1986-87 Essex Police Hambros Bank
1987-88 Takeley Standard (Harlow)
1988-89 Benfleet Upminster

The league added a third division in 1989.

Season Division One Division Two Division Three
1989-90 Rayleigh Town Kelvedon Hatch Great Baddow
1990-91 Herongate Athletic Concord Rangers Great Wakering Rovers
1991-92 Standard (Harlow) Great Wakering Rovers Loughton
1992-93 Standard (Harlow) South Woodham Ferrers Danbury Trafford
1993-94 Kelvedon Hatch Takeley Ongar Town
1994-95 Writtle Sporting Club Henderson Great Baddow
1995-96 Kelvedon Hatch Frenford Senior Hutton
1996-97 Kelvedon Hatch Runwell Hospital Bishop's Stortford Swifts
1997-98 Danbury Trafford Bishop's Stortford Swifts Shell Club
1998-99 Bishop's Stortford Swifts Sandon Royals Basildon Town
1999-00 Bishop's Stortford Swifts Nortel (Harlow) Wanstead Town
2000-01 Rayleigh Town Canning Town Linford Wanderers
2001-02 Takeley Epping Stambridge United
2002-03 Bishop's Stortford Swifts White Ensign Debden Sports
2003-04 White Ensign Debden Sports Faces
2004-05 White Ensign White Notley Linford Wanderers

The league reverted to the name "Essex Olympian League" in 2005

Season Division One Division Two Division Three
2005-06 Harold Wod Athletic Canning Town Ongar Town
2006-07 White Ensign Benfleet Potter Street

The divisions were re-named in 2007.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2007-08 White Ensign Potter Street Linford Wanderers
2008-09 Harold Wood Athletic Westhamians Sungate

In 2009, the league expanded by adding a new Division Three

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2009-10 Harold Wood Athletic M & B Club Romford reserves Wadham Lodge
2010-11 Kelvedon Hatch Hutton Wadham Lodge Springfield
2011-12 Frenford Senior Southminster St Leonards Springfield Newham United
2012-13 Frenford Senior Bishop's Stortford Swifts Old Barkabbeyans Debden Sports
2013-14 Southminster St Leonards Newham United Ongar Town Rochford Town
2014-15 Harold Wood Athletic Harold Hill Basildon Town Catholic United

The reserve divisions became Division Four and Five in 2015

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five
2015-16 Kelvedon Hatch Canning Town Catholic United Benfleet Old Chelmsfodians reserves Galleywood reserves
2016-17 Springfield Basildon Town Sungate May & Baker EC reserves Manford Way reserves Basildon Town reserves
2017-18 Catholic United Buckhurst Hill May & Baker EC reserves Manford Way reserves Chingford Athletic Westhamians
2018-19 Buckhurst Hill Shenfield Association Chingford Athletic Old Southendian reserves Corinthians Corinthians reserves
2019-20 Season declared null and void

The F.C.H.D. has the complete final table information for this league. Recent seasons were compiled from contemporary sources, while earlier ones are based on information from the league website.


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Reserve Divisions

The league operated separate reserve divisions from 1968 to 2015.

SeasonReserve Division
1968-69Manor Athletic reserves
1969-70Chadwell Heath reserves
1970-71Brentwood Athletic reserves
1971-72Herongate Athletic reserves
1972-73Benfleet reserves
1973-74Runwell Hospital reserves
1974-75Old Chelmsfordians reserves
1975-76Benfleet reserves
1976-77Herongate Athletic reserves
1977-78Runwell Hospital reserves
1978-79Runwell Hospital reserves
1979-80Runwell Hospital reserves
1980-81Herongate Athletic reserves
1981-82Writtle reserves

In 1982, a second Reserve Division was added.

Season Reserve Division One Reserve Division Two
1982-83 Takeley reserves Basildon Town reserves
1983-84 Takeley reserves Dunmow
1984-85 Old Chelmsfordians reserves South Woodham Ferrers reserves
1985-86 Herongate Athletic reserves Cossor Sports reserves
1986-87 Cossor Sports reserves Dunmow reserves
1987-88 Benfleet reserves Great Baddow Royals reserves
1988-89 Standard (Harlow) reserves Old Chelmsfordians reserves

The league added a third reserve division in 1989.

Season Reserve Division One Reserve Division Two Reserve Division Three
1989-90 Standard (Harlow) reserves Benfleet reserves Great Wakering Rovers reserves
1990-91 Standard (Harlow) reserves Great Wakering Rovers reserves Shell Club reserves
1991-92 Standard (Harlow) reserves Shell Club reserves Maldon St Mary's reserves
1992-93 Writtle reserves Great Wakering Rovers reserves Brentwood Manor reserves
1993-94 Writtle reserves Clavering reserves Barnston reserves
1994-95 Herongate Athletic reserves White Notley reserves Danbury Trafford reserves
1995-96 Writtle reserves Broomfield reserves Frenford Senior reserves
1996-97 Kelvedon Hatch reserves Frenford Senior reserves Great Baddow reserves
1997-98 Frenford Senior reserves Takeley reserves Upminster reserves
1998-99 Frenford Senior reserves Essex Police reserves Metpol Chigwell reserves
1999-00 Takeley reserves Metpol Chigwell reserves P L A reserves
2000-01 Bishop's Stortford reserves Manford Way Canning Town reserves
2001-02 Bishop's Stortford reserves Upminster reserves Broomfield reserves
2002-03 Manford Way reserves Broomfield reserves White Ensign reserves
2003-04 Harold Wood Athletic reserves Ryan reserves Leigh Ramblers reserves
2004-05 Manford Way reserves White Ensign reserves Old Chelmsfordians reserves
2005-06 Frenford Senior reserves Galleywood reserves Hannakins Farm reserves
2006-07 Harold Wood Athletic reseves Shell Club Corringham reserves M & B Club reserves
2007-08 Harold Wood Athletic reseves M & B Club reserves Leigh Ramblers reserves
2008-09 Harold Wood Athletic reserves Kelvedon Hatch reserves Westhamians reserves
2009-10 Kelvedon Hatch reserves Westhamians reserves Lakeside reserves
2010-11 Harold Wood Athletic reserves Mountnessing reserves Debden Sports reserves
2011-12 Kelvedon Hatch reserves Castle United reserves Catholic United reserves
2012-13 Harold Wood Athletic reserves White Ensign reserves Benfleet reserves
2013-14 Frenford Senior reserves Runwell Hospital reserves Ramsden Scotia reserves

In 2014, Reserve Division Three was dropped.

Season Reserve Division One Reserve Division Two
2014-15 Frenford Senior reserves Newham United reserves

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