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The Central Midlands League emerged from the Derbyshire League in 1983 as the league expanded into neighbouring counties.

In 1986, the league added a "Supreme" division above the existing Premier division in an attempt to form a combination of clubs that would be a Midlands-based feeder league to the Football Conference.

The Central Midlands League never attainted that position, but the league has consistently provided clubs that were capable of moving to higher leagues over recent years

After operating a number of different divisional systems throughout the mid-1980s, the format settled down to a constitution that consisted of a Supreme Division (at Step 7 of the National League System), and Premier Division which is technically outside the NLS, along with two divisions for reserve teams (of both CML clubs and clubs from other leagues). In 2011, the league was re-organised with the Supreme and Premier Divisions being combined and the league then split on a straight north-south basis.

No Central Midlands League clubs currently enter the F.A. Cup (nor have done so since 1997-98), but during the period in which they did, Lincoln United were the only member club to reach the First Round proper in 1991-92.

The league currently uses Football Mitoo as it's website.

Divisional Champions


The League was formed with four divisions

Season Premier Premier One Senior One
1983-84 Shepshed Charterhouse reserves Rolls Royce (Derby) FC Ashbourne Clay Cross Works reserves

After only one season, Premier Division One was renamed Central Division

Season Premier Central Senior One
1984-85 Rossington Main Graham Street Prims reserves Nuthall reserves Alvaston & Boulton reserves
1985-86 Stanton Huthwaite Shirebrook Colliery Clay Cross Works reserves

The Divisions were re-organised in 1986.

Season Supreme Premier One Two
1986-87 Hinckley Town Stanton Shirebrook Construction Kilburn Miners Welfare
1987-88 Harworth Colliery Institute Huthwaite Station Bulwell United

Division Two was dropped in 1988.

Season Supreme Premier One
1988-89 Boston Priory Brailsford
1989-90 Hucknall Town Mickelover R B L Glapwell
1990-91 Hucknall Town Mickelover R B L Gedling Town

In 1991, the lower divisions were re-split on a North/South basis

Season Supreme Premier North Premier South
1991-92 Lincoln United Fryston Colliery Welfare Slack & Parr

In 1992, the regional sections of the Premier Division were merged

Season Supreme Premier
1992-93 Arnold Town Sandicare Town
1993-94 Glapwell Nuthall
1994-95 Heanor Town Clipstone Welfare
1995-96 Oakham United Killamarsh Juniors
1996-97 Heanor Town Clipstone Welfare
1997-98 Gedling Town Goole
1998-99 Mickleover Sports Lincoln Moorlands
1999-00 Lincoln Moorlands Holbrook
2000-01 Shirebrook Town North Notts
2001-02 Shirebrook Town Retford United
2002-03 Carlton Town Pelican
2003-04 Retford United Radcliffe Olympic
2004-05 Dunkirk AFC Barnsley
2005-06 Barton Town Old Boys Bilborough Pelican
2006-07 Bottesford Town Hatfield Main
2007-08 Askern Welfare Ollerton Town
2008-09 Radcliffe Olympic Louth Town
2009-10 Louth Town Church Warsop
2010-11 Sheffield Parramore Yorkshire Main

The league was re-organised in 2011. Instead of hierarchical divisions, there were two equal divisions split geographically

Season North South
2011-12 Westella & Willerby Basford United
2012-13 Dronfield Town Sutton Town 2002
2013-14 AFC Mansfield Clifton All Whites
2014-15 Bilsthorpe Mickleover Royals
2015-16 Glapwell Selston
2016-17 FC Bolsover Selston
2017-18 Harworth Colliery Eastwood Community
2018-19 Retford Hucknall Town
2019-20 Season abandoned

The F.C.H.D. does not the complete final table information for this league. The tables which we do not have are highlighted in blue above, plus there may also be some further divisions in the League's early days of which we are not aware.


Reserve Divisions

Season Reserve Premier Reserve One
1986-87 Shepshed Charterhouse reserves Rolls Royce reserves
1987-88 Borrowash Victoria reserves Stanton reserves
1988-89 Rolls Royce reserves Priory reserves
1989-90 Borrowash Victoria reserves Highfield Rangers reserves
1990-91 Arnold Town reserves Arnold Town "A"
1991-92 Hucknall Town reserves Norton Woodseats reserves
1992-93 Arnold Town reserves Glapwell reserves
1993-94 Arnold Town reserves Nuthall reserves
1994-95 Priory Eastwood reserves Staveley Miners Welfare reserves
1995-96 Shirebrook Town reserves Dunkirk reserves
1996-97 Gedling Town reserves Clipstone Welfare reserves
1997-98 Gedling Town reserves Hucknall Rolls reserves
1998-99 Gedling Town reserves Sandiacre Town reserves
1999-00 Mickleover Sports reserves Sandiacre Town reserves
2000-01 Sneinton reserves Holbrook reserves
2001-02 Long Eaton United reserves Retford United reserves
2002-03 Shirebrook Town reserves Pelican reserves
2003-04 Carlton Town reserves Radcliffe Olympic reserves
2004-05 Holbrook Miners Welfare reserves Dunkirk reserves
2005-06 Arnold Town reserves Santos reserves
2006-07 Arnold Town reserves Radcliffe Olympic reserves
2007-08 Arnold Town reserves Carlton Town reserves

The divisions were renamed in 2008

Season Reserve Supreme Reserve Premier
2008-09 Carlton Town reserves Yorkshire Main reserves
2009-10 Belper Town reserves Dronfield Town reserves
2010-11 Staveley Miners Welfare reserves Clipstone Welfare reserves
2011-12 Staveley Miners Welfare reserves Calverton Miners Welfare reserves
2012-13 Dunkirk reserves Belper United reserves
2013-14 Rainworth Miners Welfare reserves Sherwood Colliery reserves
2014-15 Matlock Town reserves Blidworth Welfare reserves

The two reserve divisions were merged in 2015.

Season Reserve Champions
2015-16 Hucknall Town reserves
2016-17 Sherwood Colliery reserves

In 2017, the Reserve Division was renamed Division One.

Season Division One
2017-18 Eastwood Community reserves

Division One was split North/South in 2018.

Season Division One North Division One South
2018-19 Sutton Rovers 2007 Sherwood Colliery reserves
2019-20 Season abandoned

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