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Founded in 1961, the league currently consists of seven divisions and is composed of the "Old Boys" teams from leading public schools


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five
2008-09 Old Carthusians Old Salopians Old Chigwellians Old Foresters res Old Westminsters 3rd Old Cholmelians 3rd
2009-10 Old Harrovians Old Chigwellians Old Carthusians res Old Etonians res Old Amplefordians Old Berkhamstedians
2010-11 Old Carthusians Old Haileyburians Old Carthusians res Old Wellingtonians Old Cholmelians 3rd Old Epsomians
2011-12 Old Carthusians Old King's (Wimbledon) Old Carthusians 3rd Old Cholmelians res Old Marlburians Old Berkhamstedians
2012-13 Old Carthusians Old Salopians Old Carthusians 3rd Old Marlburians Old Cholmelians 3rd Old Citizens
2013-14 Old Carthusians Kings College Wimbledon Old Carthusians 3rd Old Foresters res Old Citizens Old Amplefordians

In 2014, Division Five was split North and South

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five North Division Five South
2014-15 Old Carthusians Old Chigwellians Old Carthusians 3rd Old Millfieldians Old Sennockians Old Foresters Old Alleynians
2015-16 Old Tonbridgeians Old Brentwoods Old Carthusians 3rd Kings College Wimbledon res Old Alleynians Old Bancroftians Old Oundelians
2016-17 Old Carthusians Old Wykehamists Lancing Old Boys res Old Alleynians Old Merchant Taylors Old Merchant Taylors res Old Rugbeians
2017-18 Old Foresters Old Bradfieldians Old Alleynians Old Citizens Old Johnians Old Columbans Old Harrovians "A"
2018-19 Old Carthusians Old Alleynians Old Carthusians res Old Sennockians Old Suttonians Old Kimboltonians Old Shirburians
2019-20 Season declared null and void

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