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Formed just after World War I, the North Lancashire & District League covers the area around Lancaster and as of 2016-17 runs with four divisions.


Recent Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
1990-91 Cartmel & District Slyne with Hest Storeys reserves Inter City Municiple Rovers
1991-92 Storeys College Dynamos Lakeland Power Dynamos Squires Holme Rovers
1992-93 Cartmel & District Halton Rangers Squires Bolton le Sands Morecambe Youth
1993-94 Caton United Phoenix Celtic Bolton le Sands Morecambe "A" Halton Rangers reserves
1994-95 Cartmel & District Grange Morecambe "A" Morecambe Veterans Phoenix Celtic reserves
1995-96 Caton United Corinthians reserves Morecambe Veterans Middleton Freehold
1996-97 Cartmel & District Heysham Arnside Carnforth Rangers LMH Sports Club

Division Four was dropped in 1997

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1997-98 Cartmel & District St Martins College Bentham LMH Sports Club
1998-99 Cartmel & District Morecambe Royals reserves Royal Albert Carnforth Rangers
1999-00 Morecambe Royals Storeys reserves Galgate Torrisholme
2000-01 Marsh United Phoenix Celtic City Contracts Services Caton United reserves
2001-02 Storeys CCM Dynamos Vine Com Sports & Coaching Clr
2002-03 Slyne with Hest Arnside Cartmel & District reserves Highgrove SC
2003-04 Storeys Caton United Highgrove Fylde
2004-05 Storeys Highgrove Bentham Carnforth Rangers

In 2005, Division Four was re-instated.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
2005-06 Storeys Galgate Carnforth Rangers Millhead reserves Bowerham
2006-07 Marsh United Swarthmoor Social Club Halton Rangers Highgrove reserves Heysham
2007-08 Storeys Morecambe Hoops Highgrove Rangers Bolton le Sands reserves Halton Rangers reserves
2008-09 Highgrove Bentham Bolton le Sands Carnforth Rangers reserves Morecambe Gold
2009-10 Marsh United Swarthmoor Trimpell Galgate reserves Pilling
2010-11 Highgrove Arnside Grange Morecambe Gold Moor Lane
2011-12 Carnforth Rangers TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Carnforth Rangers reserves Moor Lane Millhead reserves
2012-13 TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Trimpell Moor Lane Mayfield United Lancaster Rovers reserves
2013-14 Carnforth Rangers Storeys Mayfield United Caton United reserves Mayfield United reserves
2014-15 Caton United Swarthmoor Freehold Boys Club reserves FC Britannia

Division Four was dropped again in 2015.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2015-16 Carnforth Rangers Westgate Wanderers Highgrove reserves Heysham reserves
2016-17 Cartmel & District Cartmel & District reserves Burton Thistle Halton Rangers

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